Emergency Call Electrician Services in Richmond, Hounslow, Chelsea, Kingston and all London areas

– Full rewire of all cables, fixtures, fittings and new split load, dual RCD consumer unit with all MCBs and relevant earthing arrangements


– Electrical rewires should be carried out by a qualified electrician


– ZybexElectric London will agree a full quote before any work is started



Currently, much of the older apartments and houses in the UK has an electrical system in a bad or very bad condition, which greatly increases the chances of its defects, or as in many cases leads to a result of the overload to the fires. The survey conducted in 2009 by the British government shows that 80% of the owners and occupiers of dwellings older than 30 years are not aware of the risks of old and faulty wiring. Old installations in many cases are not suited to current conditions. Electricity demand in the last twenty years is tripled, thanks to cheap and affordable electronics and thanks to many electrical devices to help us life every day. We use electricity around the clock, not realizing that the costs to be exposed to our domestic installation. Currently, for example, in the kitchen we use a large refrigerator, hi power ovens, or washing machines and dishwashers. In 90% of cases when the plants are over 20 years are not completely prepared for such large loads. Power supply circuits are made using the appropriate thickness power cables, and are often even thin aluminum wires, and hence the cables are loaded and heat up which can lead to fire, especially in old houses where the cables are let go just below the dry as pepper a wooden floor or wall. Then there are the old fuse boxes which together makes our system a serious risk of fire, and insurers in such cases, they wash their hands.

In summary, it is strongly recommended to check the efficiency and safety of the installation, if necessary, change it to a new, adapted to contemporary conditions and standards.

We offer full replacement of the old installation to the new standards and regulations, using the latest materials. Professionally design a new installation, we choose the most appropriate materials and conduct a safety test your installation.

If you are unsure whether your existing installation is in good technical condition and whether in current standards, call and make an appointment for safety check to sleep peacefully without worrying that your house can stand up in flames.

Remember that it is not worth saving for safety, your life and your family.