Maintenance electrician in Richmond, Hounslow, Kingston and all London areas

Zeybex Electric provide quality maintenance electrician services. We have lot of experience in house, flat, and commercial properties. We can offer a few different options for our Clients. If You are owner or manager in estate agency, and if Your company looking any local quality electrician, please feel free to call us and spoke about details. We can provide flat rate for our service, or we can work for You when need electricians help. Please see below our example services list.


– 24/7 Emergency Call Electrician

This is 24/7 emergency services for our Clients


– Periodic test and Inspection

We do all type of testing and inspection


– Safety Installation Check (for example: before buy house)

Full installation check for safety, we provide raport clear and easy to read raport including photos


– Quick electric repair


– Full electric advise


– Full new rewiring and upgrade existing installation (add new circuits, find fault, etc)


– New fuseboard install and upgrade to new standards

Install new fuseboard or upgrade to 17th edition


– Fire alarms and smoke detector


– Emergency Light


– CCTV and Alarms



And much more… Just call us if You have any questions